Promote unity, protect community and preserve identity for a progressive society.

(Regd No: 139/2013)


A“Christian” means any person who professes and believes in Christian faith and principles irrespective of caste or creed for the purpose of this Forum.

Christian Social Forum is a non-evangelical and non-religious organization,works for the concerns of the people with Christian principles of love, care and justice with holistic development, therefore.

The membership of the Social Forum is open to all Indians of 18 years and above who profess the Christian faith, irrespective of their Church, denominational affiliation, organizational membership and caste or creed.

The membership of the Christian Social Forum shall consist of the following categories:

i.Patron Member,

ii.Life Member,

iii.Institutional or Organizational Member,

iv.Ordinary Member,

i) Patron Member :
Anyone can be enrolled as Patron Member by paying Rs.1,00,000/-and above.The Parton Member may attend the General Body Meeting as an observer but shall not have right to vote or be elected to the office of the organization.

ii) Life Member:
Any Christian shall be enrolled to be a Life Member on payment of Rs. 10,000/- or above. Life Member may attend the General Body meeting and shall exercise his vote to elect or be elected to the office of the society.

iii) Institutional or Organizational Member:
Any Christian institution or organization shall be enrolled as Institutional or Organizational Member on payment of annual subscription of Rs. 5,000/-.The Head of the Institution/Organization shall attend the General Body meetings and shall exercise the right to vote. The Institutional or Organizational member is not eligible to be elected to the office of the Organization.

iv) Ordinary Member:
i.Any Christian who is above 18 years is eligible to be Ordinary Member of the Forum on payment of annual subscription Rs.1,000/-. The members are eligible to participate in the General Body meetings and have right to vote or to be voted to the office.
ii. Explanation: The membership subscription shall be paid in the first two months of the calendar year; that is January and February.Membership is subject to the approval of the Managing Committee.